Message from the Chairperson

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation “TSUNAGARI” was established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on October 1, 2020 as an organization that connects people, the source of social dynamism in Tokyo, and supports the activation of local communities.

The foundation has two major objectives.
The first is to create an intercultural society where various people can live with peace of mind.
In recent years, the number of foreign residents in Tokyo has increased significantly and their nationalities have diversified.
Against this backdrop, we will provide support from a variety of perspectives in order to create an environment where foreign residents in Tokyo can live and play an active role in the community with peace of mind.

The second objective is to create a mutual assistance society where people can help each other. Many volunteers played active roles at the Tokyo 2020 Games. We aim to consolidate a volunteer culture by supporting people who got interested in volunteering in the Games so they can continue their activities.

In addition, many town and resident associations, which have until now played a central role in local communities, have found it difficult to carry out activities due to a shortage of members and the aging of leaders. Support will be provided in accordance with local conditions, such as collaboration with local companies, NPOs, etc., and the securing of human resources involved to revitalize local activities.

We believe connections between people are important in an era of drastic changes in local communities. We promote the revitalization of local communities with the support of municipalities and stakeholders in Tokyo, thereby realizing "Tokyo, where people shine".

Chairperson Mari Christine