Creating a Mutual Assistance Society

Creating a Mutual Assistance Society

Tokyo faces various pressing social issues, including a seriously declining birthrate and aging population, as well as earthquakes directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area. In addition, the number of single-person households and people with roots in foreign countries has increased in recent years, and the values and interests of people in local communities have diversified. Furthermore, the outbreak of the Covid-19 is threatening the connections between people in neighborhoods.
Under these circumstances, mutual assistance initiatives including volunteer activities are increasingly playing an important role as an effective means of solving social issues. These initiatives can be conducted flexibly and attentively with a pioneering spirit and expertise.  

For Tokyo to develop sustainably and become a city where everyone supports each other and lives with hopes and dreams, it is necessary to encourage people to participate in volunteer activities in a variety of fields, such as social welfare and the environment, intercultural cohesion, sports and culture, as well as the community activities of town and resident associations.
In 2021, the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 was held and many volunteers exhibited significant strength. The spirit of mutual assistance cultivated during the Games should be carried on as a legacy.
Based on the above backgrounds, the foundation promotes the creation of a mutual assistance society that connects people and revitalizes local communities in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, citizens and diverse organizations.

Efforts toward Creating a Mutual Assistance Society

We make efforts to revitalize local communities, including the consolidation of volunteer culture triggered by the Tokyo 2020 Games and support for town and resident associations.

 Consolidation of Volunteer Culture

In order to continue volunteer activities such as those related to the Tokyo 2020 Games and expand the scope of participation, the Tokyo Volunteer Legacy Network is operated as a mechanism that allows people and organizations interested in volunteers to acquire various related information and opportunities for activities.

Support for Town and Resident Associations

Assist local community problem solving through a collaboration between town and resident associations that are unable to fully operate due to a shortage of members, etc., and local companies, NPOs and other organizations.